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OEM Honda NSX-R Upper Chassis Brace Set

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Factory new OEM NSX-R Upper Chassis Brace. This kit includes everything that you need to install. Brackets, Necessary Bolts, and instruction guide.

The upper chassis bar goes well with the lower bar to improve driving and keeps frame rigidity. Strongly recommend for track use or even aggressive street driving. Available from the NSX-R though can be applied to all NSXs between years of 1991-2005 of any region and either Coupe or Targa.

Installing chassis bars on an NSX can help to improve the car’s overall handling and performance. Chassis bars are typically used to stiffen the car’s chassis, which can help to reduce flex and improve the car’s ability to handle high-speed corners and braking. They also help to distribute the forces of a collision more evenly across the car’s frame, reducing the chance of damage to the car’s structure and other components.

Chassis bars can also help to improve the car’s balance and weight distribution, which can help to make the car more predictable and easier to control. Additionally, they can help to improve the car’s aerodynamics by reducing the amount of lift and drag, which can help to increase the car’s stability and traction at high speeds.

It’s important to note that installing chassis bars can also increase the car’s weight, depending on the material used, which can affect the car’s overall performance.

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