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OEM Honda S2000 Timing Chain Tensioner

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Brand new OEM Honda S2000 Timing Chain Tensioner. One of the most common problems with the S2000 is the timing chain tensioner. Timing chain tensioners are used to push a plate against the timing chain in the engine, keeping it taught and well, tensioned, with the connected gears so it keeps the engine running as it should.

Over time, as the chain stretches, the tensioner is supposed to put pressure against the plate to compensate for the stretch. However, after 105,000 miles, it starts to fail, and needs to be replaced. A worn out or failed timing chain tensioner can cause the timing chain to become loose, which can result in several problems including:

  1. Engine misfires: A loose timing chain can cause the engine valves and pistons to become out of sync, leading to misfires and poor engine performance.
  2. Reduced engine power: A loose timing chain can cause the engine to lose power, reducing its overall performance.
  3. Increased engine noise: A loose timing chain can create extra noise and vibration in the engine, which can be noticeable while driving.
  4. Damage to other engine components: A loose timing chain can cause damage to other engine components, such as the valves, pistons, and cylinder walls, leading to costly repairs.
  5. Reduced fuel efficiency: A loose timing chain can make the engine work harder, which can lead to reduced fuel efficiency.

By replacing the timing chain tensioner, you can restore the proper tension to the timing chain and prevent these issues from occurring. This will improve the engine’s performance and prevent costly repairs.

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