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MITA NSX Rear Hatch Garnish Panel

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Introducing the MITA Motorsports Reproduction Rear Hatch Garnish Panel for the Honda/Acura NSX! We understand the frustration caused by the discontinuation of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version. Due to the unfortunate closure of the factory responsible for its production, Honda has officially declared this product as discontinued.

The rear hatch garnish panel is a vital component located at the back of your vehicle, separating the rear glass hatch from the trunk lid. It not only adds aesthetic appeal but also plays a crucial role in allowing air to flow through the engine compartment. Over time, regular usage can cause the panel to wear out and fade, necessitating a replacement for optimal performance and visual appeal.

Realizing the need for a high-quality replacement in the NSX community, we at MITA Motorsports have taken up the challenge. We are actively considering the possibility of reproducing this piece, aiming to meet or exceed the original factory specifications. We understand the importance of having a reliable and top-notch replacement option available for NSX owners.

Although the OEM Honda/Acura NSX Rear Hatch Garnish Panel is no longer in production, we are dedicated to keeping you informed about our progress. Stay tuned for updates regarding the availability of our remade garnish panel. In the meantime, you may explore third-party sellers or the used parts market to find a replacement. Additionally, aftermarket options may also be available as suitable alternatives.

At MITA Motorsports, we are committed to serving the NSX community by ensuring that high-quality replacements are accessible, even when the original factory has ceased production.

Installation Guide:

Refer to NSX Owner’s Manual:
Before beginning the installation, we recommend referring to your NSX owner’s manual for specific instructions regarding the removal of the old panel. The manual will provide valuable guidance tailored to your vehicle model.

Gather Necessary Tools:
Ensure you have the necessary tools, such as screwdrivers and panel removal tools, as specified in the owner’s manual. Additionally, take precautions to disconnect the vehicle’s battery before starting any work.

Old Panel Removal:
Carefully remove the original rear hatch garnish panel. Take note of any clips or fasteners that may be securing it in place.

MITA Motorsports Panel Installation:
Align the MITA Motorsports Rear Hatch Garnish Panel in the designated area. Ensure a snug fit by securing it with the original clips or fasteners. Be cautious not to overtighten screws to avoid damage.

Final Inspection:
Once the installation is complete, perform a final inspection to ensure the MITA Motorsports panel is securely in place. Check for any gaps or misalignments.

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Weight1.05 kg
Dimensions115 × 30 × 20 cm


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You're viewing: MITA NSX Rear Hatch Garnish Panel Original price was: $350.00.Current price is: $300.00.
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