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MITA S2000 Door Switch Panel – CR Style (Right Hand Drive)


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Introducing the CR Style Carbon Fiber Power Window Switch Panel Set by MITA Motorsports!

Attention, discerning owners of the legendary 2000-2009 Honda S2000! Your search for replacement parts for your power window switches ends here. MITA Motorsports proudly presents the exquisitely crafted CR Style Carbon Fiber Power Window Switch Panel Set, meticulously recreated to breathe new life into your cherished vehicle.

Immerse yourself in the epitome of elegance and sportiness with our CR-Style Carbon Fiber design. Inspired by the iconic CR style, this switch panel set seamlessly complements a full CR style interior, transforming your driving experience into a symphony of sophistication.

Every detail of our switch panels exudes luxury and refinement. Fashioned from the finest ABS plastic, renowned for its exceptional durability, each panel withstands the test of time with unwavering resilience. The ethereal allure of the CR-Style Carbon Fiber finish tantalizes the senses, casting a spell of enchantment on anyone who beholds it. Its flawless texture resists scratches, ensuring a pristine appearance that endures for years to come.

To preserve the harmonious aesthetics of your Honda S2000, our artisans have thoughtfully tapped each panel with M2 threads. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a seamless installation process, allowing the OEM screws to nestle effortlessly into their designated positions. With precision engineering, our switch panels align flawlessly, embracing your vehicle with an aura of bespoke elegance.

Indulge in the sheer opulence of the Exquisite CR-Style Carbon Fiber Power Window Switch Panel Set by MITA Motorsports. Imbue your Honda S2000 with the allure of luxury, reviving its interior to surpass its former glory. Elevate your driving experience to new heights, embracing a symphony of functionality, style, and uncompromising quality.

Please note that these switch panels are exclusively tailored for the 2000-2009 Honda S2000 and are not compatible with other vehicle models. Embrace the pinnacle of sophistication and style. Entrust your Honda S2000 to MITA Motorsports—where elegance meets automotive excellence.

Installation Guide:

Reference the S2000 AP2 Owner’s Manual:
Begin by consulting the S2000 AP2 owner’s manual for instructions on removing the door switch panels. Follow the manual’s guidance carefully to ensure a smooth process.

Unscrew M3 Screws:
Locate and unscrew the M3 screws that connect the switches to the panels. Take care not to lose these screws, as they will be reused during the installation.

Remove the Switches:
Gently remove the switches from the panels. Ensure a careful extraction to prevent any damage to the switches or the panels.

Replace with MITA Motorsports Panels:
Swap out the original panels with the MITA Motorsports door switch panels. Prioritize precision to guarantee a proper fit and alignment.

Check Fitment and Gap:
After replacement, carefully inspect the fitment and gap of the MITA Motorsports panels. Make adjustments as necessary to achieve a seamless integration.

Use Original M3 Screws (or Provided Screws):
Utilize the original M3 screws to secure the MITA Motorsports panels. Note that some stock may use M2 screws instead. If your panels come with provided screws, use those to avoid damaging the mounting tabs. We are not responsible for poor installation resulting from using incorrect screws.

Important Note: If you use the wrong screws and break the mounting tabs, MITA Motorsports will not be held responsible, and replacements will not be shipped.

Reverse the Process:
Complete the installation by reversing the steps outlined in the owner’s manual for removing the door switch panels. Double-check that all components are securely in place.

1 review for MITA S2000 Door Switch Panel – CR Style (Right Hand Drive)

  1. JF

    Jo Fu (verified owner)

    the screw thread area needs to be reinforce more. i have do a slight modification to strengthen the screw thread but overall still fits well

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