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Parts Availability – The Key To Keeping Classics

One of the key factors that can cause classic vehicle owners more than one headache is spare parts availability and maintenance cost. It’s no news that, as vehicles age, original spare parts become scarce, and you must look for alternatives. When vehicles are relatively new and popular, there is a broad availability of aftermarket parts; however, after some time and depending on the model, the availability of good-quality aftermarket parts may also become limited. Finally, if you are lucky to find any part for your vehicle, you have to settle with what you can find or leave it off the streets until you finally find that much-needed part.

High-quality spare parts help to keep vehicles alive and look as good as new. Parts’ unavailability is one of the reasons why many models disappear from the streets; they just become extinct. Many brands don’t care about this issue when they decide to stop making a model. Some brands are more considerate and study the consequences of parts availability and keep supporting the model years after its termination. However, as time passes, owners are at the mercy of the automakers and their willingness to keep manufacturing or sourcing their parts.

Another important factor is pricing: spare parts for old cars cost the same as parts for newer vehicles because manufacturing and distribution costs are the same. However, as time goes by, prices of original pieces for discontinued models rise for two reasons: the law of supply and demand and because low production runs’ costs are always higher because of fixed costs and other factors that are beyond the scope of this article. Besides, some dealers tag hard-to-find parts as if they were selling the key to the promised land.

We recently remade the rear hatch trunk seal for the DC2/DC4 Integras between 1994-2001.

Parts for Modern Classic Cars

Cars like the NSX, S2000, or Integra Type R are not yet considered vintage or classic cars by purists. Still, it’s clear that they are special cars that left their mark in the vehicle industry, and if you add their outstanding performance and design to the combo, you have what many call a modern classic car. There are few rules to say which cars belong to this category; all vehicles from the 1980s to 2010 can be tagged as this by their owners and fans.

Depending on the model, getting parts for modern classics can be easier or harder than finding parts for vintage or regular classic cars. It depends on the car’s popularity, factory politics, and market trends. Some brands like BMW have programs and policies to keep manufacturing essential parts for all their vehicles, no matter how old they are. Other brands continue to make some parts but don’t have a general policy about it, so it’s pretty unpredictable to know what parts are available and for how long.Interior and parts that don’t affect the vehicle’s functioning are usually the first to become difficult to find. If you are a modern classic owner, you probably noticed how hard it is to find trim parts like door handles, weatherstrips, mirrors, and even lamps and mirrors, not to mention door panels and their fasteners. That’s why companies like ours exist, to help you source the parts you need to keep your NSX, S2000, or Integra running, to improve it, or to build those hard-to-find parts ourselves, preserving the originality of your vehicle, and at the same time making improved parts to make them stronger and better.

Manufacturing process of the MITA NSX-R Aluminum Maintenance Lid

Aluminum Maintenance Lid for the NSX-R

This is one of the examples of the parts we manufacture designed not only as a replacement of the original part but also as an upgrade. The NSX’s maintenance lid is pretty dull; it serves its purpose, but it covers the engine’s view, and it’s not very practical when it’s time to make
repairs. The JDM 2002+ NSX-R comes with a see-through maintenance lid that allows users and people to see the beautiful engine even when the rear hatch is closed. Many NSX and NSX-R owners used to upgrade their cars with the improved maintenance lid. Besides being
beautiful, it still offers very effective protection to the rear hatch grass from any debris or object coming from the engine bay and protects the engine from any potential intrusive objects. The problem is that the OEM part was frequently back-ordered, and it seems it has
recently been discontinued.

As NSX fanatics, we wanted to bring this part back to life, but with some changes. We created an improved version of the original part; that’s why we made it in CNC machined aluminum with a sleek mesh welded to the main structure.
The part looks great and helps to make the car even more attractive, but there’s more: it’s designed to work in the Targa models, which have a slightly different firewall. This part fitslike a glove to all versions of the NSX, including the NSX-R and the NSX-T.

Because we understand our customers’ needs and tastes, we made this part in aluminum not just because it’s beautiful but also because other materials like fiberglass bend or warp by the engine’s heat and sun exposure, among other problems.

When you own one of these wonderful cars, it’s natural that you want to show it off, and it’s perfect; that’s why we made an outstanding part, enhancing the beauty of your machine.

One happy customer with the MITA NSX-R Style Aluminum Maintenance Lid

Would you like to see more parts like this? Check our website and feel free to contact us or leave a comment anytime.

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