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How a JDM Fanatic Turned His NSX into a Masterpiece

Eddison Chan is a self-proclaimed car enthusiast and JDM fanatic who has transformed a Honda NSX into a masterpiece. Chan’s journey began in the late 90s when he started playing around with JDM cars in Vancouver. Fast forward to today, and Chan’s creation is a sight to behold. His inspiration for this build was the JGTC NSXs, which he believes are the best-looking cars ever in JGTC. And who can argue with that? The NSX, even in its stock form, was a thing of beauty, but Chan took it to a whole new level.

Everything has been modified, upgraded, or replaced in Chan’s NSX, from the wheels to the brakes to the leather seats. The carpets have been replaced, and the paint job is something that would make Michelangelo proud. Chan is not a firm believer that factory paint from 30 years ago can compare to what a specialized bodyshop can do with today’s technology. And he’s right. The paint on this car is flawless.

The build process wasn’t without its challenges, however. Shops in Hong Kong are not competent in custom work, especially not when it comes to the NSX. But Chan was not deterred. He turned to the NSX community, which proved to be a valuable resource for him.

Chan doesn’t use his car for racing or daily driving. It’s a garage queen, something he takes out once or twice a month. And who can blame him? This car is a work of art.

If you’re looking for aftermarket brands and parts to take your car to the next level, some of my favorites that Chan used in his build include

  • Arc-Light Mk2 LED DRL/Sequential Turn Signals
  • Rear Midnight R LED Tails
  • NSXS2K S2000 cluster conversion with Qube LED upgrade
  • Full carbon interior from NCAuto.
  • RF Yamamoto Header and Exhaust.

In conclusion, Eddison Chan’s NSX is a thing of beauty. It’s a testament to his passion for cars and his willingness to take on a project that most people would shy away from. This car is not just a car; it’s a work of art, and Chan is the artist who brought it to life.

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